Wappu Schedule 2018

Longest Wappu in Finland is here again, greater than ever before! There’s something to do for each day of Wappu, so don’t miss out on the activities.

If you would like to have your pogram featured on the official Wappu schedule, please contact kulttuuri@ltky.fi

Please note the information on this site might not be accurate, but we try to keep it up to date.

Wednesday 11.4.

12:00 Opening of Wappu @ Student Union house

Wappu will begin with traditional opening ceremony in front of the student union house, Resonanssi will perform and new Hässi will be revealed. Be there, or be square!

13:00 Wappu's opening party by PoWi ry

Have you ever wondered what happens in the night clubs during the day? Now you have a change to witness it! The start of Wappu by PoWi and Hunaja, with the release of the one and only wappu magazine Hässi! On Wednesday 11th of April it’s time to start the longest wappu in Finland and what would be a better way to do it, than a party during the day! PoWi and Hunaja bring you the ultimate experience with Hunaja’s Freaky Circus party concept. The party will have two DJ’s and of course every circus needs ringmaster!

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Thursday 12.4.

16:00 Freshmen challenges @ City centre and Skinnarila

Orientation in a student group is a hard game. In Fuksitehtävät, or Freshman Challenges, the fresmen get to find out who really are the kings and queens of orientation competitions. The games begin at Satamatori at 16 o’clock and the party people will move towards Skinnarila, after which the night goes on at the afterparty.

22:00 Freshmen challenges afterparty

Friday 13.4.

18:00 Interdisciplinary movie night @ Student union building auditorioum

Saturday 14.4.

14:00 Wappu sitz party

Armatuuri throws the annual outdoors sitz-party on Saturday the 14nd of April! The sitz will be located in the parking lot behind Saimia. The event‘s theme is Avec, so you can bring anyone you wish!

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18:00 Wiipuripäivät sitz party @ Basement

N-freshmen excursion

Sunday 15.4.


Monday 16.4.

08:00 Marathon Monday by Enklaavi

Tuesday 17.4.

12:00 Painting of the logos @ Punkkerimäki

It’s time for the guilds and clubs to give a fresh layer of paint for their logos at the Punkkerimäki.

Sponsored by TEKNOS!

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18:00 Sitz party on Norpparadio by PoWi

19:00 ActI Presents: Kahvihuone @ Basement

Wednesday 18.4.

17:00 Willimiehen Wipellys @ City center

Willimiehen Wipellys is THE BIGGEST yearly student event here in Lappeenranta. This year it’s bigger than ever before!
Take your friends with you and feel the amazing atmosphere of Willimiehen Wipellys! The goal is to enjoy cheap beverages and good company in Lappeenranta city centre bars and drink something as many bars as possible to get the cool overall badge.

The categories are Rento, Kilpa and Doping:
Rento: girls 8 drinks, boys 12 drinks
Kilpa: girls 13 drinks, boys 17 drinks
Doping: girls 18 drinks, boys 24 drinks

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Thursday 19.4.

15:00 Lounge party by Pelletti & Lutes

19:00 ActI Presents: Kahvihuone @ Basement

19:00 SKO 30. annual ball

Christian students of Skinnarila-club is celebrating the 30th anniversary. This alcohol free anniversary party will take place in Katajakatu 12 at 7pm.

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Friday 20.4.

20:00 Togaparty @ Basement

Legendary toga party is back!

Are you longing for something different than normal student parties? It is the time of year to set free your inner Roman, so put on your toga and arrive in the kellari for glamorous atmosphere. Doors open at 20.00.

There will be games, photography possibility and fun. Sauna is warm at 21-00.

Tickets are sold @Street cafe 18.4, 19.4. and 20.4. at 11-13. Tickets cost 3€ in advance and 4€ from the door.

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Saturday 21.4.

11:00 Wappusillis @ Basement

16:00 35th annual concert by Teekkarilaulajat @ Lappeenranta-sali

Sunday 22.4.

10:00 KRuisinKi @ city center

Video game night by Ruut and Cluster @ Basement

Monday 23.4.

12:00 Backup day for painting of logos @ Punkkerimäki

If the weather was bad on the 1st date, this is a backup date for painting of the logos.
It’s time for the guilds and clubs to give a fresh layer of paint for their logos at the Punkkerimäki.

Sponsored by TEKNOS!

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17:00 Simulated ekSkursion eKsperience @ Basement

Beer and shitty jokes at Basement.

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Tuesday 24.4.

20:00 Musta Wappu @ Basement

Musta Wappu
Pikametallimiehet is arranging the Wappu’s heaviest live metal music event at Student Union Basement on Tuesday 24.4.2017. Doors will open after 20:00

The bands:
Deny Tomorrow
Saved From Ourselves

Pre-bought tickets are 4€ for members and 6€ for others. Tickets can be bought from the door too by 5€ for members and for by 7€ for others. It’s possible to join the club at the place.

More information about us, the joining, upcoming events and merch stuff: Pikametallimiehet

Earplugs are recommented.

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Wednesday 25.4.

19:00 ActI Presents: Kahvihuone @ Basement


Thursday 26.4.

15:30 Krokotiili Gena’s birthdayparty ja song exam @ Basement

Friday 27.4.

FinnHits @ Student Union house

Saturday 28.4.

12:00 LaTeResin Wappupaintti @ Savitaipale

Join to the most exciting event in Wappu and come to play paintball. It costs only 35 € which includes a gun, gas for the gun, 500 balls, a mask and guided games. This event is paid only by cash at the game area, so remember to take real money with you. Take your overalls and/or clothes which can get dirty. Event is at Saturday 28.4 at 12:00. Car rides to the playing area leave at 11:20 from in front of the university.
Join to the game: https://goo.gl/forms/z53Q3DooLxx1CcS23

Evet is alcohol free
Take your own water and food to the game.
Place: Nieriäntie 8, Savitaipale
Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/7WuiJcit5JC2

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Sunday 29.4.

16:00 Saunayö

Monday 30.4.

12.00 Crowning of the Swan statue @ Kirkkopuisto

Traditional crowning of the swan statue at city centre. After capping the freshmen will have their Freshman baptism.

12:30 Freshmen baptism @ the Docks

All the freshmen will be baptised in the lake Saimaa, after which they will be given the title of Teekkari or Kylteri.

15:00 - 17:00 Distribution of Teekkari caps @ Student Union house

Every one who has ordered their Teekkari cap and has earned enough freshmen points can get their Teekkari cap from the Student Union house.

Please note that freshmen are not allowed to use the Teekkari cap until 00:00 1.5.

Wappu eve’s party @ Student Union house

Tuesday 1.5.

12:00 Wappu picnic @ Fortress

Wednesday 2.5

12:00 Cleanup of Skinnarila and hangover committee @ Student Union house

After Wappu our belowed campus has gotten little dirty.
Everyone should join us in the attempt to clean things up a bit, afterwards there will be food and beverages to be served.