Wappu Schedule 2020

Finland’s longest AutumnWappu is coming (tirsk), this time integrated into traditional freshmen weeks!

For (at least) two weeks, every day is promised a program where you can immerse all your time and money or breathe in the warmth of a bonfire in between.

If you want your event to appear in the AutumnWappu program, or to give feedback about whatever, please contact by e-mail kuisma.narhi@ltky.fi.


– Primarily follow the up-to-date instructions of the Finnish government, THL and AVI on the coronavirus.

– In addition, follow the up-to-date instructions of LUT, LTKY and KOE on exceptional circumstances.



-Do not take part in any event if you feel sore or suspect you may be infected with a coronavirus. In these cases, contact FSHS or Eksote by phone.

FSHS: https://www.yths.fi/palvelupitteet/lappeenranta/

Eksote: http://www.eksote.fi/Sivut/default.aspx

Fill out a coronavirus infection chain tracking form for each event. Your email will only be collected to contact potentially infected people.

-If you are diagnosed with a coronavirus infection, in addition to FSHS and exotes, contact LTKY’s Secretary General Antti Ilmavirta and tell them what events you have been to. By tracing the chains of infection as accurately as possible, we can limit the spread of infections.

– Take care of safety distances to other people. The general guideline is to keep a distance of 1.5-2 meters.

– Avoid unnecessary physical contact with others.

– Do not share the mouth of the bottle with others.


We would like to point out that schedules and programs are subject to change and will be updated as more detailed information becomes available.

Possibly Thursday 20.8.

Wappubonfire firewood arrives

Autumn Wappu torchbearer’s kindling arrive to Skinnaril and the eternal flame is ignited.
Wabediwabs begins even though the official seremonies haven’t been held!

Friday 21.8.

Logo painting

Freshmen arrive on monday, let’s decorate Punkkeri hill for the occasion.

Saturday 22.8.

Wappusitsit by Armatuuri

It’s time to take a headstart to AutumnWappu and participate in Wappusitsit by Armatuuri and Norpparadio! If you’re not in Lappeenranta yet, or miss the ticket sale, you can gather your friends and sitz via Norpparadio.

More information in the Facebook event

Sunday  23.8.

Wappu day in between by KeTeK

Not quite sure yet, but something will happen. Stay on the channel.

Monday 24.8.

12:00 Opening of Wappu @Student Union House

After five months wait, the first AutumnWappu of our history gets its traditional opening ceremony in front of Student Union House. Be there or be square!

Wappu’s opening party by PoWi

AutumnWappu has been opened and it’s time to start celebrating the Finland’s longest AutumnWappu. But why wait for the evening, when you can start it right away? This year’s opening party is celebrated in the holy triangle of Lappeenranta: Bar teerenpeli, Bar Lamppu and Bar Birra.

More information coming soon.

I Love Mondays party by Lateksii

…possibly. More information coming soon.

Tuesday 25.8.

Video game event by Cluster and Ruut

Videopelit ovat aina hyvä idea, ainakin jos meiltä kysytään. Tule mukaan yksin tai kaverin kanssa! Lisätietoja tulossa myöhemmin.

Video games are always a good idea, at least if you ask us. Come alone or take a friend with you! More information on the way.

Freshman olympics

The first evening event together for our new freshmen. Circulating checkpoint of guilds and also receiving their point cards. The growth towards a Teekkari and Kylteri begins. Freshman: prepare for light sport.

Facebook event coming soon.

Wednesday 26.8.

Logo painting extra day

…because we all know the Punkkerimäki isn’t ready yet.

SM-Kyykkä by PoWi @Skinnarila Garden.

It’s again time to find out who is the best kyykkääjä of Skinnarila, on the one and only terrain: gravel! It’s time for SM Kyykkä. The wildest kyykkä matches of AutumnWappu will be played in Skinnarila Garden.

Registrations by emailing to elmo@powi.fi. Write on the message your team’s name + short name, and the captains contact information. Team’s size is 4-8 members. The rules in all matches will be same as in NKL.

More information on its way.

Kuja quiz by KuJa

Kuja has gathered some aces to their sleeves, and now it’s your time to shine – whether you’re the old and mighty teekkari, or a besserwisser learned at home. More information on its way.

Thursday 27.8.

Outdoor games by Tetra

What would be better than playing outdoor games in a (sunny) weather? Exactly! More information on its way.

Friday 28.8.

Simulated eKskursion eKsperience by SSK

More information on its way.

Saturday 29.8.

Lahtikursio by LTKY

Facebook event coming soon.

Sunday 30.8.

Under the table -sitz by Sätky

Facebook event coming soon.

Monday 31.8.

Guild beach volley @Sammonlahti beach, beach volley field

Come to cheer and play your guild to the victory in this first sports of guild Olympics!

SVV circulation


PMM Hevit Kafilla

You like heavy metal? Come to Kafi, in the parking lot of Student Union House.

Tuesday 1.9.

Freshman cap saunis

Freshmen: gather with your guild to make your freshman caps and remember to verify the quality with your freshman captain. Freshman cap saunises are held by guild.

Hohtopong by Sätky

Glowing beerpong in the late hours? Why not! More information on its way.

Wednesday 2.9.


Gather your squad and race to be the best freshmanbobblefreshman group in SVV. Circulating both freshmen of 2019 and 2020.

Thursday 3.9.

Kippolan kierros by LapIO

More information on its way.

El Clásico by Enklaavi

Come cheer and play teekkaris or kylteris to the victory in this legendary football match!

More information on its way.

Freshmen promotion

The freshman orientation comes to its end in a ceremony to baptise you as a freshman of the Skinnarila community. Leave your humanity behind and begin your year-long quest to become a Teekkari or a Kylteri.

Friday 4.9.

Saunayö 30v by Temu @Yo-talon edusta

Facebook event coming soon.

Lounge by Pelletti

More information on its way.


Teekkaris of Tampere come to SVV for exchange studies. On this day you might observe actual Hervantaians, nääs.

Saturday 5.9.

Teekkari and Kylteri baptism

The long wait comes to an end, as the freshmen of 2019 finally get baptised in the harbor of Lappeenranta.

WappuEve party

Brand new Teekkaris and Kylteris finally get to wear their caps at midnight.

Sunday 6.9.

Traditional Wappu picnic

Let’s gather out to the valleys of the Lappeenranta Fortress to enjoy our picnic snacks and beautiful weather!

Monday 7.9.

Unwellness task force

Let’s show example to new freshmen, and clean our mess from our beloved campus. More information on the way.

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