Wappu Schedule 2019

Longest Wappu in Finland is here again, greater and longer than ever before! There’s something to do for each day of Wappu, so don’t miss out on the activities.

If you would like to have your program featured on the official Wappu schedule, please contact eemeli.kettunen@ltky.fi

Please note the information on this site might not be accurate, but we try to keep it up to date.

Tiistai 2.4.

12:00 Opening of Wappu @ Student Union House

Wappu will begin with traditional opening ceremony in front of the Student Union House. New Hässi and Wappu badge will be revealed. Be there, or be square!

13:30 Wappu's opening party @ Giggling Marlin

Wappu and our beloved Wappumagazine Hässi are here! Come celebrate the longest Wappu in the universe to Giggling Marlin already at 13:30, because why would you wait until the evening to party your asses off.


Keskiviikko 3.4.

17:00 Simulated ekSkursion eKsperience @ The basement

Beer and shitty jokes at Basement.


11:00 Early voting escapade @ Student Union building lobby

Torstai 4.4.

Home land excursion

Perjantai 5.4.

19:00 Singing evening @ Schwäbisch Hall

Lauantai 6.4.

19:00 Actl presents: Leipäjonoballadi @ Student Union building auditorium

Sunnuntai 7.4.

12:00 SM-kyykkä @ Skinnarila Garden

13:00 Actl presents: Leipäjonoballadi @ Student Union building auditorium

Maanantai 8.4.

16:00 Lounge party @ Iltatähti

Wappu is a busy time, but sometimes it’s good to relax too! If you want to let go of the busy life and you want to enjoy good company with fun activities- head to Pelletti’s lounge party!

As the evening goes by you get to participate in bingo, pub quiz, drawing contest and dancing. In charge of setting the easy atmosphere are Techmus own DJ’s. As the biggest spectacle of the night are Pellet’s own boyband Mama’s Hot Härkis Wings With Saus that are performing their very first time to a big crowd and you don’t want to miss them!

For the ticket price you get snacks and an opportunity to challenge your friends at beer pong. So put on your overalls, crap your friend with you and head to spend one of the best days of Wappu!


11:00 Wappu flea market @ University main lobby

LTKY organizes wappu flea market 8.4.2019 form 11 to 15.
How you can join?
You can sell clothes and other stuff (in good condition!) yourself. You need reservate table here: https://forms.gle/MtNec3YGC2SJpAAQ7
You can donate clothes and stuff for LTKY until 5.4.2019. We will sell your things and donate all the money for charity.
You can come to make discoveries, new clothes and goods. Remember take cash with you!

This year we will donate money for SAIMAA RINGED SEALS!


Tiistai 9.4.

16:00 Freshmen challenges @ City centre ja Skinnarila

Orientation in a student group is a hard game. In Fuksitehtävät, or Freshman Challenges, the fresmen get to find out who really are the kings and queens of orientation competitions. The games begin at Satamatori at 16 o’clock and the party people will move towards Skinnarila, after which the night goes on at the afterparty.

21:30 Astrid Leikas Duo @ Cafe Bar G

22:00 Freshmen challenges afterparty @ Giggling Marlin

Keskiviikko 10.4.

LTKY 50-v event @ Skinnarila

For who was “the Grave of Eternal Teekkari” build for? Why are there paintings in the pawement of Punkkerimäki? Where were the fire pits during the 90’s? Gather up your friends and let’s go find out together!

LTKY arranges tours around Skinnarila to let the students know more about the remarkable places in Skinnarila. We will guide you through various important spots and tell you a bit about the history of every place.

The English speaking tour will be held at 2 PM. You can find more info from the FB-event.

Easter event

19:00 ESN Lappeenranta Wappusauna

You brave international student!

Do you want to help ESN spread its joyous message to the freshmen of the campus? Are you eager to share your experiences about studying abroad?

Join us on the 10th of April for the ESN meets the freshmen event at the Student Union Basement sauna!

We are organizing an event to inform the freshmen about the wonderful possibilities of ESN and going abroad.

Because the space is limited and this event is aimed for the freshmen, we are NOT able to have all the interested exchange students participating in the event. However, if you are staying in Lappeenranta for longer than this semester and are curious about joining ESN as an active member, you are welcome to come hear more about what we do!

Sauna will be warm and some snacks and refreshments provided by ESN.


11:00 Overall badge market @ Street Cafe

Torstai 11.4.

22.00 SpringSlippys 4.0 @ Giggling Marlin

Huff puff! SpringSlippys 4.0, the horniest and moistiest party is coming (snicker).

Night’s hot hours will be full of dirty party games including dildo bingo! The climax… of the night will be undressing exotic dancers! This time we will have performing absolutely stunning Milla and The Baron Show, so there is eye candy for everyone!

So get your sexiest and the most inappropriate clothes your parents have ever seen and come… join us!


11:00 LaTeRes Wappupaintball

Join to the most exciting event in Wappu and come to play paintball. It costs 25 € to the members of LaTeRes Ry and 35 € to everyone else. Tickets are sold via the kide.app. Payment includes a gun, gas for the gun, 500 balls, a mask and guided games. The event is billed from you before the game. Take your overalls and/or clothes which can get dirty. Event is at 11.4. at 11:00. Car rides to the playing area leave at 10:30 from in front of the university.


19:00 Actl presents: Leipäjonoballadi @ Student Union building auditorium

Perjantai 12.4.

20:00 Toga party @ The Basement

Do you swoon over grapes, flowy clothing and Julius Caesar? In that case you must come to the TOGA PARTY! The party starts Friday April 12th at 8 pm in Student Union House Basement. Ticket sales: Wed. 10.4 at 11-13 @ Street Café, Thur 11.4 and Fri 12.4 at 11-13 @ Student Union House lobby. Tickets cost 3 €, 5 € from the door. There will be some tongue-in-cheek games in the spirit of the Olympics! 😀


Student theater festival @ City center

Lauantai 13.4.

Wiipuripäivät @ Skinnarila

Student theater festival @ City center

23:00 Student theater festival afterparty @ Old Cock

Sunnuntai 14.4.

Wiipuripäivät @ Skinnarila

20:00 Election night @ Cafe Bar G

The Finnish Parliamentary elections are held this Sunday. The election night viewing party is held at Cafe Bar G starting at 8PM. Hope to see you there!


Maanantai 15.4.

Marathon Monday @ Skinnarila

It’s time for the longest and craziest event of the year! This time it will be bigger than ever as the annual Marathon Monday returns to Skinnarila. The event has been heavily influenced by Marathon Monday on the series Blue Mountain State. So the challenge is to enjoy the famous and beloved Wappu for 24 hours in a row!


Tiistai 16.4.

12:00 Painting of the logos @ Punkkerimäki

The traditional painting of the logos will take place on Tuesday 16 April from 12:00 to 18:00 at Punkkerimäki.

TEKNOS sponsors paints and ordered them on the basis of orders from last year! All associations are welcome to paint their logo, but the paints have to be imported by themselves, unless they have been ordered last year.

At the ends of the hill, LTKY installs barriers to warn about logos, associations must not set their own obstacles on the hill. This also applies to logos that are not painted on the actual painting day.

In case of bad weather, the spare day for painting is 22.4.


18:00 Radio sitz party @ Milky Way Galaxy

Keskiviikko 17.4.

17:00 Willimiehen Wipellys @ City centre

Willimiehen Wipellys is THE BIGGEST yearly student event here in Lappeenranta. This year it’s bigger than ever before!

Take your friends with you and feel the amazing atmosphere of Willimiehen Wipellys! The goal is to enjoy cheap beverages and good company in Lappeenranta city centre bars and drink something in as many bars as possible to get the cool overall badge. The event takes place on 17th of April from 17:00 – 22:00 and of course after that there will be huge afterparty!

The categories are Rento (Relax), Kilpa (Race) and Doping:
Rento: girls 8 drinks, boys 12 drinks
Kilpa: girls 13 drinks, boys 17 drinks
Doping: girls 18 drinks, boys 24 drinks


Torstai 18.4.

12:00 Wappusillis @ Kellari

17:00 Bucket sneaking SM-competition

Perjantai 19.4.

LTKY goes Lahti


Lauantai 20.4.

16:00 Louhi's Easter sauna @ The Basement

Already wondering how you will survive on wappu? Do you feel that there is only “lifting cup” in the program? Do you want to do something new or just refresh yourself on Saturday sauna?

Once again we have a solution! Gaming Club Louhi organizes Easter sauna with board games on Saturday 20th April from 4 pm in the basement of Student Union House. Come on, whether you’re a gainful gamer or a playful player. We have games for many tastes, your own board games are also welcome.

Sauna is available from 20 o’clock. We’ll start with a ladies’ shift.


Sunnuntai 21.4.

Easter egg hunt

Maanantai 22.4.

16:00 Under the table sitz party @ Cafe Bar G

Gaming evening

12:00 Backup day for the painting of the logos @ Punkkerimäki

Tiistai 23.4.

LTKY Overall event

20:00 Musta Wappu @ Kellari

In Free State of Skinnarila people get to enjoy metal music also during Wappu. Pikametallimiehet ry is arranging the Wappu’s heaviest live metal music event at Student Union Basement on Tuesday 23.4.2019. Doors will open after 20:00. There will also be food cooked by Grilliseura ry.

The bands:
Saved From Ourselves

Sauna will be warm from 21:00 to 01:00

Earplugs are highly recommended.


Keskiviikko 24.4.

19:00 Actl presents: Leipäjonoballadi @ Student Union building auditorium

Torstai 25.4.

Song triathlon, Gena's birthday and song exam @ The basement

Perjantai 26.4.

21:00 Finnhits @ Student Union building

FinnHits – The best party of the spring is here once again! Come and enjoy some live music and the greatest Finnish hits of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Use your imagination and put on the most nostalgic clothes you have. If you lack inspiration for dressing up, you may find some photos from the attached link: https://ltky.galleria.fi/kuvat/


Lauantai 27.4.

14:00 Wappu sitz party @ UAS parking lot

16:00 Choir concert @ Viipuri hall

Choirs Resonanssi-kuoro ry and Lappeenrannan Teekkarilaulajat ry hold a spring concert together in LUT’s Viipuri-sali on Saturday 27th of April at 4 pm. The choirs will perform beloved film classics and student songs.

Entering the concert is FREE OF CHARGE, but optional program costs 8€/5€ (students, pensioneers, unemployed, servicemen). There is an intermission in the concert.

The concert is a part of LTKY’s anniversary and vappu program.


Sunnuntai 28.4.

KRuisinKi @ City center

16:00 Actl presents: Leipäjonoballadi @ Student Union building auditorium

Maanantai 29.4.

Saunayö @ Student Union building

The earth will shake once again for the 29th year in a row as Saunayö festival lands once again to the Free State of Skinnarila.

Saunayö is a free one day music festival in front of the Student Union Building open to everyone, where bands formed more or less from the members of TeMu get up on the stage.

Come and experience the best frequency response seen in Skinnarila thanks to 190 inches of speaker cone and the most pleaseant dynamics thanks to A&H GLD-80 multiband compressors.


Tiistai 30.4.

12:00 Crowning of the Swan statue @ Kirkkopuisto

Traditional crowning of the swan statue at city centre. After capping the freshmen will have their Freshman baptism.

12:30 Freshmen baptism @ the Docks

All the freshmen will be baptised in the lake Saimaa, after which they will be given the title of Teekkari or Kylteri.

15:00 - 17:00 Distribution of Teekkari caps @ Student Union house

Every one who has ordered their Teekkari cap and has earned enough freshmen points can get their Teekkari cap from the Student Union house.

Please note that freshmen are not allowed to use the Teekkari cap until 00:00 1.5.

21:00 Wappu eve’s party @ Student Union building

The Wappu Eve party is finally here! The party starts at 21.00 on 30.4 and is held at the student union house. The dresscode for the party is overalls + wappu! Welcome!!
Tickets come on sale 15.4. 12.00


Keskiviikko 1.5.

12:00 Wappupiknik @ Linnoituksen vallit

Torstai 2.5.

12:00 Siivous- ja pahoinvointitoimikunta @ Skinnarila

After Wappu our belowed campus has gotten little dirty.
Everyone should join us in the attempt to clean things up a bit, afterwards there will be food and beverages to be served.


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